Senior Friendship Centers

The first client needed $75 for a temporary water tank due to her well running dry from the drought. With more research, we found a better longterm solution to her problem. We were able to obtain a grant that paid to drill her a new well; drilling starts Friday, 13 April. we were also able to find housing for her while the grant process and drilling were underway.

The second lady needed $50 for an overdue electric bill. We were able to get her to consumer credit counseling, and we were able to secure employment for her through AARP. With the extra income, she feels she will not have financial problems again.

Just thought you would like to know that your willingness to help has positively impacted 2 elderly women. Thank you again for you willingness to assist. Should you need assistance with any seniors, please feel free to call me.

Thank you-
Donald Rees, Senior Friendship Centers, inc.


Sands Family Faith and Chance

Single father faced homelessness

I can not thank The New Paradigm Foundation enough for the life changin experiance they have blessed me with. I am a single Father and was facing homelessnes and the NPF reached out to my family and answered a prayer. They not only gave me a home for my family, they also blessed me with a car. They have been with me step by step with ecouragement, mentoring and a sprititual guide. My gradititude goes beyond words not just for myself, but for my 3 children as well.

        May you be blessed abundantly for your generosity.

                    -  Anthony

With Love

My son, Billy, told me that you help and bless people out of your own money. I'm thankful to plant into such rich soil. I know that God is saying "thank you" to YOU for all your work.

With love,

Set Up For Success!

How special you and your organization are to both Russ and I! We got our groceries to set up our house. We got 2 bedside stands, two lamps and 2 end tables, a coffee table and two lamps for the living room. Plus, we were able to pay some bills. Your help was very deeply heartfelt. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say for all you did in our lives. May God Bless You All!

Thank you and deeply grateful- Russ & Mary

Unselfish Dedication

Kathy, thank you so much for helping with the repairs on the LeBaron. Blessed are the people who help others with unselfish dedication of themselves.


Tearfully Thankful

Eva was tearfully thankful for the help in fixing her plumbing problems. Unfortunately, she suffered a fall and has a broken left arm and sprained a wrist leaving her unable to write.

Thank you-
Don Lees, Senior Friendship Center, inc.

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